May 31, 2006

I'm in New York

We've had around 7 hours of delays, and a crash on the runway....but we're here. It is incredibly hot, and smoggy, and loud and flashy. I feel like its hard to breath and i'm completely adrift from everything i've ever known. But i think its just going to take a couple of days to find my feet, get some decent sleep rythyms, and figure out this blasted tipping system.

The ferry out round the statue of liberty and under the brooklyn bridge was cool. Ground zero was nothing but this construction site with some plaques around it. Maybe we missed the important stuff...

I am about to navigate the subway system myself. Hee hee hee...

tonight we're going to see a broadway show. thus far i have not been mugged or got horribly lost. Actually, we're doing all right. It was nice to see Lauren in the hotel lobby this morning, but they are off to philadelphia in the morning. Sally is home at the moment making the most of our very cosy double bed.

Okay, i might try and come back here tomorrow if we go to central park. And if i don't end up in queens on the subway.


May 11, 2006

Maybe God went to Harvard

Mr Bear has got a scholarship to go to Harvard. So they are not going to Toronto yet. Last night Bear came in to the kitchen with tears and said,
"we're going before you get back now"
and we sniffed at each other for awhile until we realised she had the dates wrong. Tonight we had flat breaking up antipasto dinner. I tease Mr Bear that he has a very wide conception of antipasto. But that was last months funny. Tonights one was at my expense. I suppose they often are. But Mr Bear wanted to drink his and Bear's nice bottle of french champagne they got for a wedding gift out of mugs rather than bother washing the wine glasses. While I was snorting at him, I sucked some caramelised onion up from my gullet that I'd eaten while I was barbecuing in the dark with my head torch on and scalded my oesophagus. I have contact with doctors on a daily basis, if you want to challenge the biological soundness of what I just said you can f off. Anyway, it hurt. And Bear and I decided it was karma, punishment, because Mr bear has joined the world of the prestigious elite, protected by God Almighty Himself.
I wish God Almighty Himself could peer one eye over in my direction. With a bit of champers in aforementioned gullet, I merrily tore open my mole map report that came in the mail today to find a nudey photo of myself and a recommendation that I get a mole mildly suspicious of melanoma excised to remove doubt. It's not really on my ass.......more my hip. Bloody hell. I've got 2 weeks left in the frikkin country. And I'm still to sign my new employment contract. The boy, of whom I've tired of calling the boy and will take to calling Mac now, told me I had better read the great big doorstop of a thing properly in case there is a 'test' clause in there that says you will come to work wearing pink fluffy slippers twice a week, and if i miss it they won't offer me the job anymore. To which i'd say, i didn't miss it, I just happen to like pink fluffy slippers, I already have a pair at home.

So I'm quite hyped up at the moment. I have regular panic attacks where my chest gets tight and I am overwhelmed by nausea. I see my Wellington life swimming in and out of focus and then disappear from under my feet like the outgoing tide. I think I will need to work on my relaxation techniques.

I think I will also get Bear to guest appearance on this blog from now on. There were cobwebs when I came in tonight.