April 15, 2014

Simplifying life

I'm 33 years old. I live with my fiancĂ© and our eight month old son and our West Highland Terrier in a 75 square metre 80 year old cottage that we are lovingly painfully renovating ourselves. I am a lawyer but I quit my part time job at a community law centre a couple of weeks ago and although I loved working there I have no immediate plans to go back. I don't want to put my baby in day care yet. When he starts sleeping through the night I might even want another baby. I sit in the bath with him and there is water in his eyelashes covering big bright blue eyes and I just want to hold his squishiness and caress his duck down soft head. I want to make our house a home with little things like a chalk board that says what we are having for dinner. I want to bring back to life our boxed vege gardens. I want to start planning a wedding that means something to us. I want to write and breathe and laugh. I want to nurture the parts of myself that are most quintessentially me and let my family know everyday how much I love them.