April 08, 2008

Thank you UTMG for the prompt

Well, here we are quite some time later. I feel as if I have abandoned a very special part of who I am by neglecting the introspection and reflection that Pixietale has previously provided. Particularly given the last post was so damn final and well, sad. But I am a lot more focussed now on what I want and need than the person who wrote back in August. The fifth anniversary of my mother's death passed without a single tear yesterday, which is an extraordinary milestone for me. I flitted off to the UK over Christmas for a month and discovered the boy and I still have unfinished business and am almost ready to make another massive leap. But although I love him and am quite proud that I have been able to make myself vulnerable again, I am also conscious that whatever happens in that sphere of my life, with him, I mustn't fall that far again. Life is too short. I have far too much to offer and life has too much to offer me.


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